Monday, June 26, 2006


Portugese tart for the day ahead...


Sintra - Lisbon nobility summer hangout

Luis Ponte I - Douro River, Porto

Kool fonts everywhere in Porto

Edinburgh Castle

Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art


kaluds said...

omg the colours!! next time you head off to portugal, please pack me! so good to hear you're devouring all the sights and sounds over there too ;-)

keep havin' lotsa fun and taking stacks of pics!

Sartorial said...

Wow Ms Fox, these are spectacular!, can you bring us a little of that sunshine back? So happy to see that you're having such a wonderful time!xxoo

jelloman said...

cool pix! yahoo! ciao!

Anonymous said...

hey caz,

i'm stuck in my room. studying . . . trying to anyway. JEALOUS!!!

nice snaps caz. keep up the good work.

take care. see you soon.

the dude

flygirl said...

wonderful pics taichi, so glad to hear you are having a great time. more photos., please!