Friday, May 12, 2006

Lazy/Tired Recipe

I'm a slow eater.
At the end of a meal when everyone else is sitting back, content hand on stomach/beer belly, I keep on keepin' on, ordering another lamb cutlet (Movida), another bowl of rice (Aloi Na) or holding the last crab claw as the mains come out and begging the waiter to please-leave-the-bowls-of-tea-to-rinse-fingers (every single time we've ever had mud crab in a Chinese restaurant).
It drives my family crazy to always be waiting for me to finish eating.

The only time I will permit myself to eat quickly is after a long hard day at work. This is food at its most functional and fundamental level, to eat is to live.
Have these basic ingredients on hand for when you're feeling Lazy/Tired.
Trust me - it's a half hour, one-pot, flexible no brainer.

Comforting Noodle Soup
dried flat rice noodles
beef strips in Pawpaw's Chinese Marinade 101
sliced fish cake
1 bunch Chinese vegies -bok choy, gai larn or choy sum
enough water to cover ingredients
few slices ginger
handful of bean shoots
coriander and/or spring onions

[1] Bring water to boil, add dried flat noodles
[2] As noodles are about to be ready, add ginger slices, fish cake slices and vegies
[3] Add beef strips and bean shoots as vegies are cooked
[4] Pour out into bowl, top with coriander and spring onions
[5] Scoff down!

Pawpaw's Chinese Marinade 101
My nana taught me this most basic marinade - hence the lack of measurements. Good for stir fries too!
- splash of light soy
- splash of dark soy
- 1/2 tsp sugar
- 1/2 tsp salt - pinch of pepper
- 1 tsp corn flour
- dash of oil
- 2 splashes of water
Mix well through beef strips.
Marinated meat can be cooked immediately or left overnight in fridge.

I actually made this last weekend but as I was feeling lazy/tired [no photo]. This approximation will have to do!
Check out Vernoona, Sartorial Splendour, Cassiopeia Gegenbauren III and Serenity Later for other Lazy/Tired recipes.


kaluds said...


and i sure do like the sound of that marinade too. for that matter, i also really wish i could get by without religiously referring to measurements ... makes things so much easier having quantities like 'splash of ...' and 'dash of ...' anyway!!

M's nemesis said...

Was that the scrumdidli-umptious (sp?) soup you made one even when I popped over with Kaz?

Probably just as well you didn't put up a photo of it, I'm salivating just with the drawing!